Our Company

The CaseCracker Interview Room Management System was developed by Cardinal Peak in 2003 as the first digital video recorder on the market specifically focused on the unique requirements of recording custodial interviews. It quickly established a strong position in the law enforcement community and was embraced by agencies of all sizes that were seeking to easily record, review, search, and safely store custodial interviews.

We Are Proven

Over the past 12 years, more than 1,300 CaseCracker units have been installed worldwide in over 500 unique agencies. These agencies include local police and sheriff departments, state agencies, and several large federal agencies. Cardinal Peak has continued to enhance CaseCracker based on feedback from our customers. Along the way, we have stayed focused on the three key differentiators that set CaseCracker apart from other recording systems: CaseCracker is easy to use, CaseCracker is reliable, and CaseCracker is backed by great service.


We Value Customer Relationships

CaseCracker is backed by great technical support from a highly responsive and technical team. As a small, service-oriented company, we connect customers to a knowledgeable technical support engineer quickly–in fact, it is usually the support engineer who answers the phone. At larger companies, the caller is often forced to work through Tier I and Tier II support before getting to someone knowledgeable.