Record and Manage Investigative Interviews

CaseCracker was designed specifically for recording and managing investigative interviews. You can review a large number of interviews involving multiple subjects in a user-friendly and intuitive manner. With the easiest to use interface on the market, CaseCracker is the preferred solution among some of the most progressive federal agencies as well as state and local departments.




Initiate your recording with one button remotely using a wall mounted switch, or at the monitoring station. You have the ability to use CaseCracker to record in two separate rooms simultaneously. All investigative interviews are recorded and saved directly to the CaseCracker system.



You can securely stream both live and previously recorded investigative interviews for simultaneous review by multiple users. With our user-friendly interface, utilize play, pause, fast forward or rewind in multiple speeds to save time in the review process. You can also add flags and annotations to mark important frames in the interview.



When you are finished recording the interview, quickly export video, audio, still images and other reports from CaseCracker in standard, non-proprietary formats. You can also burn excerpts of interviews to DVD for playback in the courtroom, allowing the jury to see the interview exactly as it was conducted.

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