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Interview Recording made simple

When it comes to reviewing police interview recording solutions, departments should choose a system that isn't outdated, but isn't so cutting edge that its' personnel spend more time adopting new technology versus focusing on their day to day jobs.

Although investigative interviews may only be a small part of your job, We feel that Onyx provides that middle ground with a recording system that makes conducting and capturing interviews easier than ever.

Recording an interview shouldn’t require a step-by-step manual. With CaseCracker Onyx, starting a recording is as simple as pressing a button. When you’re ready to review, Onyx’s user-friendly interface allows you to play, pause, fast-forward, or rewind in multiple speeds. Easily export to a variety of file formats, so you can quickly share and access evidence how and when you need it. Our intuitive system allows you to focus on your job, not the technology.


We know that solving cases accurately and efficiently is a top priority. That’s why Onyx offers unique time-saving features such as flagging and annotation.

You can collaborate with your team, mark key statements, and create notes right in the system, saving you countless hours when writing your case report or reviewing evidence with colleagues. 

Less time spent on paperwork means more time and resources for the community you protect.

Our system is durable and can endure countless hours of use, meaning you won’t need to worry about how to budget for replacement equipment year after year.


There’s a reason why CaseCracker Onyx is the system of choice for a variety of organizations and work environments, including small local police departments, the FBI, and the U.S. Department of Defense.

Our system is versatile, reliable, and secure.
With Onyx, lost interviews and failed recordings are a thing of the past. Onyx also meets the highest standards for a standalone interview recording system by encrypting the data it records and stores via redundant storage configuration.

You can rest assured that your investigative interviews are securely saved on your CaseCracker system on premise but can be exported to an alternate media source of your choice. It’s scalable, too, supporting up to sixteen interview rooms per system.

Thoughtfully chosen hardware allows you to crisply capture key moments during an interview. With high-definition pan-tilt-zoom cameras easily operated through the Onyx software, you can zoom in on a subject’s facial expressions or body language. 

High-definition digital microphones pick up whispers, shouts, and everything in between—with zero lag. A quality recording brings the jury into the interrogation room with you, resulting in more positive trial outcomes. 


Support How and When You Need It

Unlike other interview room recording systems, CaseCracker Onyx is supported by a small team that is dedicated to customizing the system to your department’s individual needs. You’ll never lose valuable time waiting around for an update in order to use the system. It isn’t bulky and doesn’t require its own room or loud cooling fans. It’s an unobtrusive system designed to fit seamlessly into any environment and can be operated by anyone.

Victims need justice. CaseCracker helps you deliver.

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Detectives at the Boulder Police Department explain why CaseCracker is the only system they trust for their investigative interviews.

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