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One Opportunity.
Zero Worries.

If you work with juvenile victims, you know that the interview process can be tough—but vital. You need to make the most of your first interview to reduce the trauma of them reliving the experience while getting the critical information you need to deliver them justice.

Children’s Advocacy Centers across the country trust CaseCracker Onyx to capture the crisp, clear audio and video necessary to bring justice to child victims. Our system allows you to focus on your job, not the technology, because starting a recording is as simple as pressing a button. No complicated start-up process means zero time wasted. Gone are the days of code words or triple-checking that your system is recording. When you hit “Record,” an indicator light turns on to assure you it’s capturing everything you’re seeing and hearing. Even power outages can’t stop CaseCracker Onyx.

Accomplish More in Less Time

Children’s Advocacy Centers have unique needs, and CaseCracker Onyx is built to support them. Many CACs need to be able to conduct multiple interviews at once, and with CaseCracker Onyx, you can. No more back-to-back interviews that take hours. Accomplish more in a fraction of the time because CaseCracker Onyx can support as many simultaneous interviews as you have interviewers.

When the interview is complete, the download/upload process is quick and efficient—even with large files. No hours-long wait as something downloads to a thumb drive or uploads to the Cloud. You can get your evidence into a variety of file formats in minutes, meaning it gets into the hands of judges and prosecutors that much faster.

CaseCracker Onyx also features in-interview note-taking that attaches right to the recording. An electronic casefile means less paperwork and more time and energy for what’s important.

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Better Evidence.
Less Trauma.

Easy to install and use. Completely customizable. Exceptional customer service.

Hear why the Children’s Advocacy Center of Comal County trusts CaseCracker Onyx with its forensic interview process. 

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Durable, Scalable, Adaptable

CaseCracker Onyx is the system of choice for a variety of organizations and work environments, from small, local police departments to the FBI and the U.S. Department of Defense. This is because our system is both tough and versatile. It can handle thousands of hours of use and scale from a single interview room to sixteen per system.

Thoughtfully chosen hardware makes it adaptable. With high-definition pan-tilt-zoom cameras easily operated through the Onyx software, video goes where your interviewee goes—even if that’s under a table. High-definition digital microphones clearly capture whispers, shouts, and everything in between with no lag. Crisp detail also means less worrying about chain-of-custody protocols for evidence generated during an interview. For example, if a juvenile victim creates a drawing vital to their case, anyone watching can see it as clearly as if they were in the room, too.

The kinds of situations CACs face are complex and unique, and often require an interview to be conducted by a single person during “off hours.” Users laud CaseCracker Onyx’s intuitive interface that is simple enough to operate alone and is ready to go whenever they are—day or night.

Support How and When You Need It

Unlike other interview room recording systems, CaseCracker Onyx is supported by a small team that is dedicated to customizing the system to your organization’s individual needs. You’ll never lose valuable time waiting around for an update in order to use the system. It isn’t bulky, doesn’t require its own room or loud cooling fans. It’s an unobtrusive system designed to fit seamlessly into any environment and can be operated by anyone.

Children’s Advocacy Center work is unpredictable. CaseCracker is reliable.

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The Value of Forensic Interview Recording

President & CEO of Voices for Children Advocacy Center in Flint, MI explains how better tools equal better lives for the children they serve.

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York City Police Department uses Onyx by CaseCracker to leverage collaboration within their team.

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