Custodial Interview Video Laws Are Catching Fire!

Recently, we have seen major growth with the use of electronic video recording for custodial interviews. The latest state to adopt a new law is our own Colorado. In June 2016, a bipartisan bill was passed requiring Felony 1, 2 and Felony Sexual Assau…

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Funding Police Interview Room Recording Equipment

One of the biggest roadblocks we find for agencies wanting to upgrade interview room equipment is funding. Often recording equipment just doesn’t make it into the budget so many are turning to grant writing. While this can take special expertise, a…

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Child Advocacy Centers and Funding

Jennifer Jackson, Executive Director, and Jennie-May Banks, Child and Family Advocate,  at The Child Advocacy Center of Simcoe/Muskoka talked with Heidi Wells from CaseCracker about methods of funding for Child Advocacy Centers. Heidi: One of the…

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California PD Uses CaseCracker Time Saving Features

Heidi Wells, Channel Manager at Cardinal Peak Technologies, spoke with Det. Chris Anderson of Pleasant Hill PD about some of the technical aspects of custodial interviewing and how Pleasant Hill uses their CaseCracker system. Heidi Wells: You’ve h…

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Ahead of the Curve in Pennsylvania

Det. J.T. Spence of York PD PA kindly agreed to speak with Heidi Wells about why recording makes sense and how his department is using their new CaseCracker interview room recording solution. HW: Pennsylvania currently does not have any laws regar…

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After Extensive Research, Leesburg PD Chooses CaseCracker

Heidi: Kevin, I understand that you did quite a bit of research when you were deciding which interview system you would recommend for your upgrade project. Kevin: Yes, over the course of several months we evaluated quite a few products in preparatio…

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