Seven Great Podcasts for First Responders

Here at Cardinal Peak Technologies, we appreciate a high-quality audio recording—which is why we wanted to highlight some of the best podcasts created just for law enforcement and their families. Below, we’ve compiled a list of shows that can help you grow in your career, flourish at home, and keep your body, mind, and spirit strong even after the toughest days on the job.


If you’re looking to get in shape, try…


LAPD officer Marc Hildebrand uses the knowledge he gained on his own 100-pound weight loss journey to help fellow first responders get fit despite their “crazy and unpredictable” jobs. According to Marc, LEO Family Fitness will show you how you can “generate the time and energy [to] get into incredible shape, connect with [your] family on a deep and impactful level, and change the trajectory of [your] career forever.”

482 episodes as of this post


If you’re interested in a female perspective on officer wellness, try…


Maine law enforcement officer Autumn Clifford created Changing the Culture to help first responders and their families survive both on- and off-duty. The podcast focuses on “emotional and spiritual wellness for sheepdogs everywhere” and past episodes have covered topics such as resiliency, meditation, and mental health. Having overcome her own battles with injury, depression, and anxiety, Autumn reminds her audience that they wouldn’t go to work without their external Kevlar, so “why would you not put on your internal Kevlar, too?”

158 episodes as of this post


If you want to be better at your job, try…


Garrett TeSlaa founded The Squad Room in 2015 just a few years into his job as sergeant at a southern California sheriff’s office. Battling physical injuries along with the stresses of the job, he found himself struggling to take care of himself physically, mentally, and emotionally. In seeking answers to what he thought were unique problems, he began sharing what he learned with fellow officers and finding that he could help them, too. The Squad Room provides lifestyle and leadership lessons for first responders, covering topics like better nutrition, maintaining a happy marriage, and dealing with PTSD—just to name a few.

139 episodes as of this post


If you’re looking for a faith-based family resource, try…


Twice-named Chattanooga PD “Officer of the Year” Jonathan Parker created the Watch Your Six podcast to help law enforcement and first responder families protect the “six vulnerable areas of life often left exposed to danger.” Jonathan uses his own life and career experiences, as well expert interviews, to shed light on issues pertaining to law enforcement, usually with a faith-based perspective. Episodes have included discussion of leadership skills, communicating with your spouse, and financial wellness. The show wrapped in September 2018 but all episodes are still available for download.

85 episodes


If you’re interested in a law enforcement career or field change, try…


The Go Law Enforcement podcast is a great jumping-off point for young people interested in the field and is an excellent recommendation for potential recruits. The podcast not only offers tips on job requirements and entrance exams but does a deep dive into the many different kinds of law enforcement specialties out there. Get insider perspective on everything from crime scene investigation to K9 handling, hostage negotiation to the diplomatic security service, and much more.

55 episodes as of this post


If you want to learn more about (police)man’s best friend, try…


Hosted by Gregg Tawney and Rich Hartman, who have a combined 30 years experience of K9 handling between them, Police K9 Radio features interviews with top trainers and experts in the field. Past episodes have covered a wide range of topics including SWAT K9s, the Warrior Dog Foundation, performance nutrition for K9s, as well as information on how to test for a handler position.

49 episodes as of this post


If you’re interested in new perspectives in community policing, try…


From the U.S. Department of Justice’s COPS Office, The Beat features a variety of expert interviews as well as the latest developments in community policing. The podcast is relatively new so there isn’t a big back-catalog of episodes, but recent topics have included a three-part series on Black Voices in Policing as well as Profiles in Law Enforcement Leadership which feature veteran officers and their unique perspectives on current issues.

16 episodes as of this post