Four Reasons Why We Don’t Sell CaseCracker Direct (and Why That’s Better for You!)

CaseCracker Sales

As the President at Cardinal Peak Technologies, the question I get most frequently is, “Why can’t I order my CaseCracker system directly from you?” The answer is simple; here at CPT, we focus exclusively on product development and leave the selling and servicing to our trusted network of over 75 local integrators. Outsourcing sales allows us to remain a small and dedicated team devoted entirely to engineering, testing, training, and support. Less overhead means a better product for you, as well as:


  • No Sales Pressure. Because we don’t sell direct, it means we can engage freely with prospective and existing users without any sales pressure from our end. Instead, we can have meaningful conversations that help create solutions that improve the interrogation process for everyone. We take pride in evolving CaseCracker to meet the ever-changing needs of users and agencies and staying up-to-date on national recording requirements.


  • Local Help When You Need It. Our integration partners—located all across the country—can provide fast and efficient hands-on installation and care. We believe it’s important to have skilled hands nearby for every customer, whether they need help replacing warranty-backed hardware or want a training refresher.


  • Cutting-edge Solutions. Even simple changes require a tremendous amount of teamwork and keeping up with technological advancements only gets harder as the years go by. When we started out, computers needed to be replaced every three to five years. Now, manufacturers are discontinuing form factors every 12 to 18 months! And when we made a seemingly simple switch from standard-def to high-def cameras, our engineering team also needed to address security, space, and processing issues. Even more behind-the-scenes work is going into our next major push: allowing users to export video to the cloud.


  • Attention to Detail & Only the Highest Standards. As interrogation recording becomes the norm rather than the exception, our users have come to expect the same high-quality resolution and crisp audio of their smartphone cameras and high-end speakers. As we upgraded our cameras and began placing more than one microphone in each interview room, we realized a need for some extensive software development to ensure proper audio and video synchronization. Our small, focused team was able to deliver a solution fast.

As you can see, even the smallest of changes requires a village to uphold our reputation of quality and dependability. While our partners are busy selling and installing CaseCracker, the Cardinal Peak Technologies team remains committed to doing security patches, adding new features, testing new form factors, and more. Want to know how we can customize a solution for your agency? Contact us!