We Believe in Transparency

The team at Cardinal Peak Technologies believes in transparency between law enforcement and the public. Transparency helps build the trust and confidence essential to good working relationships between police agencies and the people they protect. Therefore, it is important to us that we support meaningful change in the communities we serve, and we are taking the time to rethink how our products can create better allies.

We remain committed and continue to work closely with our law enforcement partners to design reliable, easy-to-use interview recording solutions that not only help police agencies build strong cases to bring the right people to justice, but to prevent wrongful convictions and to increase accountability and transparency necessary to drive internal reform. We believe CaseCracker systems provide equitable justice and boost public confidence by offering an impartial view into the criminal justice system. 

We pledge to listen to the communities and public safety professionals we wish to serve and protect, and to invest in creating innovative technology that helps ensure that strong, trusting relationships exist between law enforcement and the public, that all voices are heard, and that justice is served equally under the law.