Case Study: An Interview Recording System You Can Count On

“Out of thousands of interviews, we have not lost a single one due to technical difficulties.” David Zeliff, Army CID, U.S. Department of Defense

“CaseCracker provides a reliable platform to record audio and video in support of criminal investigations involving suspects, victims, and witnesses.” Tom Pulaski, Prince William County Police Department, Woodbridge, Virginia


Reliably Serving A Range of Law Enforcement Agencies

With positive feedback from a wide range of law enforcement customers, CaseCracker proves itself to be a versatile system that any size agency—local or federal—can easily and reliably adapt to their needs. Tom Pulaski of the Prince William County PD praises its ease-of-use from implementation to user experience, noting that not only is the system user-friendly, but installation is “seamless and straightforward.”


Guaranteed Peace of Mind

No matter how big or small your department, dependability is essential when it comes to an interview recording system. David Zeliff, with Army CID, reveals the case-winning power of a truly reliable system. Zeliff appreciates how the CaseCracker team’s extensive experience with law enforcement has generated a “product geared toward not losing critical recorded testimony.” He adds that across his organization, they have been using CaseCracker solutions and haven’t lost a case in court because of video quality or manipulation. “For us,” he says, “this is a critical aspect.” He also lauds the physical durability of both the fixed and mobile systems that have been used for thousands of interviews. In particular, he says, “the mobile CaseCracker systems have been used in some tough environments and hold up very well in all conditions.”  


A System That Speaks for Itself

For those interested in seeing what a CaseCracker system can do for their agency, Pulaski strongly encourages site visits to other customers to get a real-world, on-the-ground assessment from actual users. Zeliff adds that his colleagues love the system for how easily and reliably they can share interviews with those outside their department. “The nice thing about the program is that you can save the interview on a DVD and share it with, for instance, an attorney, and they can watch it without having to load any special software.” Furthermore, he praises the flagging feature that makes it easy to point to significant parts of an interview for presentations and testimonials. In short, a system that can not only be counted on to capture critical testimony every time, but can reliably share it with anyone who needs access, speaks to its own value.