Watch CaseCracker Onyx in Action


When it comes to getting a confession, you want to be prepared. Allow CaseCracker Onyx to provide you with the peace of mind and reliability you depend on when seeking out those make-or-break moments from a suspect in the interview room.

With CaseCracker Onyx, you secure the case-making footage you need every time. Featuring high definition recording in either 720 or 1080p, and a fully configurable system, you can focus on your subject—not your notes. With just the touch of a button, Onyx is up and running and discreet controls allow you to flag important moments as they happen—saving you and your colleagues hours of review. As an easy-to-use, Windows-based client app that you can launch right from your PC, Onyx eliminates the need for expensive, time-consuming training on an entirely new system. Thoughtfully designed with large, enterprise-grade law enforcement agencies in mind, Onyx’s largest server option accommodates up to 16 rooms—meaning you can sit right at your own workstation and watch an interview taking place in real time.

The need for this kind of interview room recording solution has increased tenfold, as more law enforcement agencies require additional interview rooms for a variety of needs, and more state and local government departments convene under one roof. Onyx delivers the essential scalability, increased storage, redundancy, ease of access/sharing, and higher definition video—and more—with the same reliability, security, and ease-of-use that detectives have come to expect from our original product, CaseCracker Slate.

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