Why You Should Choose an Interview Room Management System Over Traditional Video Recording Systems

interview room management system

Though many law enforcement agencies have already recognized the benefits of recording law enforcement interviews, they may not be taking full advantage—or even be aware—of advancements in recording technology and interview room management systems. Tried and true “home-brewed” surveillance and recording systems may be familiar and comfortable, but a dedicated interview room management system provides a time- and cost-efficient alternative to those dated and often clunky, piecemeal digital video recording systems. As an added bonus, the increase in departmental productivity quickly offsets the start-up cost of the new system. Still not convinced? Here are seven more things to consider when making the case for an upgrade from a dated video recording system to an interview room management system from CaseCracker:

  1. Unlike a DVR-based surveillance system, a comprehensive interview recording solution from CaseCracker allows a user to scan and sort hours of recordings quickly and easily. A user can sort a single recording by subject, incident, interviewer/detective, and date. They can even search across all interviews by keyword, subject, incident, time frame, and comments/annotations.

  2. Interview room management systems act as a true evidence gathering tool during any law enforcement interview. The video recordings generated by CaseCracker have the power to stand up in court with features that prevent tampering of recordings. CaseCracker allows users to validate recordings with a single click that calculates a secure hash algorithm to prove the video remains in the original state in which it was recorded. 

  3. CaseCracker systems streamline the interview process through wall switch activation and remote starting and stopping. These features allow detectives to escort a subject directly from the lobby or holding cell to the interview room, all without losing momentum by fumbling with recording equipment.

  4. Unlike recordings by DVR surveillance, an interview room recording solution provides both greater security—and easier access—to those who need it. Interview room management system features such as User and Group permissions allow only users who are permitted to access specific recordings. For example, administrators can create Groups such as “Internal Affairs” which make recordings in that group exclusively viewable to members of internal affairs.

  5. CaseCracker systems allow you to leave the pen and notepad behind so you can devote all of your attention to the interview and subject before you. With features such as remote flagging, you can discreetly and easily flag interview points of interest to review later.

  6. CaseCracker systems also enable users to create “clips” which allow for the easy export of brief MP4 excerpts of interview highlights—such as confessions. Users can create that clip based on annotations entered in the recording that will conveniently export only that specific section.

  7. A professionally designed and supported, comprehensive interview room management system like CaseCracker’s provides studio grade audio and high definition video recordings of interviews. High quality evidence significantly reduces the legal back-and-forth and expense associated with the “he-said, she-said” that can arise from poor quality recordings.

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