Kansas Law Enforcement Agencies Required to Record Interrogations

custodial interrogation recording kansas


By July 1, 2018, all Kansas law enforcement agencies will be mandated to implement custodial interrogation recording policies. Senate Bill 112 enforces the recording of an entire custodial interrogation that takes place in a detention facility. The law requires interrogation recording when the crime concerns a homicide or a felony sexual offense–although many agencies in Kansas will choose to voluntarily record interrogations of lesser crimes. 

Requirements for audiovisual recording are now being implemented throughout the country. As of today, 26 states have various policies or laws either recommending or mandating video and audio recording.

Electronic recording of interrogations is beneficial to both investigators and the community. It protects officers against false claims of coercion, removes any doubt surrounding conversations in an interview room, and saves agency time and resources during an investigation.

Which state will be next?

As this topic echoes across the country, we see more and more states pass interrogation recording laws. Courts, district attorneys and law enforcement agencies know the value of a video recorded confession is priceless. Why? Because juries now expect nothing less.