Why do we use local integrators for interview room installation?

You’ll hear us say this over and over again, “We love our integration partners!” We like to call them our “boots on the ground” since we often cannot be on location for each and every interview room installation. They serve as a second level of local support for interview room setup, training and technical support needs. Each integrator is carefully vetted and we are proud to say most have been with us for over 5 years.


| Our customers say amazing things about our integrators. |

We received this message from our customer, Det. Greco, from Walla Walla County Sheriff’s Office in Washington about our long time integrator, Ed Campbell from Centurion Building Services.

“Ed came over and installed the Case Cracker system at our office earlier this week. I will have to say that his knowledge and expertise of the product was really good. His customer service is nothing short of amazing. I haven’t had anyone so engaged and helpful with any type of product that I’ve purchased. It was above and beyond anything I would have ever expected. He is an excellent representative for your product and I’m glad we purchased it and were able to work with him.”


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Why should you use a local integrator for your interview room installation?

Integrators offer unique consultation services to each customer. They learn your work flow, specific product needs, building layout and installation requirements to customize a solution that is ideal for you.

  • Our integrators are experts on the CaseCracker installation process. Most of our integrators have completed dozens of installations and know how to do so like they know the back of their own hands.
  • They understand the CaseCracker software user interface and features inside and out. They can offer training, answer questions and provide expertise on functionality.
  • With a local integrator, you will have two tiers of support. Our over-the-phone technical support is second to none, but we understand having a local friendly face is very valuable.
  • Integrators can often times be a one stop shop for your other IT product needs. Many of them offer photography equipment, surveillance solutions and office IT products and services.

We work with our integrators day in and day out and view them as an extension of our team (an amazing extension). We value the collaborative relationship we have with our integrators and know CaseCracker is great because of them! If you have questions about an integrator in your area, please contact us!