Child Advocacy Centers and Funding

Jennifer Jackson, Executive Director, and Jennie-May Banks, Child and Family Advocate,  at The Child Advocacy Center of Simcoe/Muskoka talked with Heidi Wells from CaseCracker about methods of funding for Child Advocacy Centers.

funding for child advocacy centers

Heidi: One of the challenges for Child Advocacy Centers seems to be funding.  How were you able to fund your interview room equipment?

Jennifer: We were able to fund the recording equipment as part of our start-up seed and capital funding.  But we often write grants for things like this.

Jenny-May: We have to justify our expenditures and CaseCracker frees up IT Tech support funds as it is so easy to use and CaseCracker includes free phone support for the duration of the warranty.

Heidi: If an existing CAC is trying to get dollars for this kind of investment what would you suggest?

Jennifer: Tech equipment isn’t always seen as an attractive topic to secure funding that makes donors feel good but sometimes you can look for grants that are specifically designed for equipment.  Government agencies (Fed and local) like to support programming which can fall into this area.

Heidi: I know that you rely on donations for other parts of your operation so how else do you procure funds?

Jennifer: We also reach out to corporate and foundation funders.  Local service clubs are a great source as 1) I can make a personal presentation/ask and 2) sometimes several branches of local organizations such as Kiwanis can band together to fund something.  So, for example, if 5 branches each give $2000 they can advertise they funded a recording system even if they only funded 1/5 of a system.

Jenny-May: We also really monitor and use statistics to support and ask for funding.  For example, local organizations can get behind things like: we conducted X # of interviews and served Y # of children in 2015.

Jennifer: People get excited to be part of funding an organization if you make the right presentation and show them the value the community receives as the result of their gift.