California PD Uses CaseCracker Time Saving Features

Heidi Wells, Channel Manager at Cardinal Peak Technologies, spoke with Det. Chris Anderson of Pleasant Hill PD about some of the technical aspects of custodial interviewing and how Pleasant Hill uses their CaseCracker system.

Det. Chris Anderson custodial interviewingHeidi Wells: You’ve had the CaseCracker system since 2013. How are your rooms set up and what are your best practices?

Det. Anderson: We have two interview rooms with a separate monitoring room where we keep the CaseCracker unit. We use (and really like) the Start/Stop switch outside the interview rooms to initiate interviews and then enter the data (subject, case number, etc) later.

Heidi Wells: What features of CaseCracker are most useful to you?

Det. Anderson: We use the flagging and annotation features extensively which allow us to mark important parts of the interview. It makes review much faster as you can identify where certain things occurred much more efficiently.

Heidi Wells: Is there anything else that makes CaseCracker unique or especially useful to the department?

Det. Anderson: Well, we really appreciate the customer service and that you take our suggestions seriously. You should use that as a selling point!

Heidi Wells: Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with me today!