After Extensive Research, Leesburg PD Chooses CaseCracker

Heidi: Kevin, I understand that you did quite a bit of research when you were deciding which interview system you would recommend for your upgrade project.

Kevin: Yes, over the course of several months we evaluated quite a few products in preparation for our upgrade. Our previous recording system did the job in the basic sense, but we really felt it’s limitations as it is was not purposely built for law enforcement. We also had reliability issues with the system. I also surveyed surrounding departments to find out what they were using, which is how I heard about CaseCracker.

Heidi: What were the features you found lacking in the other options that CaseCracker was able to provide?

Kevin: First and foremost, Linux. Our last system was windows based so it didn’t offer the security that we wanted. Additionally, the user interface was not as user friendly as CaseCracker. Many of the other systems had hidden costs which, in the end, made it more expensive than CaseCracker (interviewer note: All costs are built into the purchase price of CaseCracker including hardware warranties, any software updates, and service).

Heidi: I know that you put a lot of effort into developing a proposal for your department. What did that entail?

Kevin: Well, CaseCracker sent us a laptop demo unit, as did other vendors/manufacturers, to try out so that I could show it to the other detectives who would be using it. And then, once we figured out what we wanted, I wrote an 18 page recommendation to my Captain, which ultimately had to be approved by the all persons in the budgetary group. We were glad we were thorough in evaluating all the options as we are very happy with the product we chose. I say “we” because, though I spear-headed the project, the entire unit was involved in the decision process. Everyone had ideas of what they liked/didn’t like from past systems. It just became my job to identify a system that would fit our needs and CaseCracker does just that.