Wheat Ridge Police Department in Colorado had some existing cameras and microphones that they wanted to reuse along with a large viewing monitor that was secured by the drug task force. It was important to record both the interview room as well as the polygraph room.

In many cases, such as Wheat Ridge's, CaseCracker can work with existing cameras and microphones. Camera quality and camera view are very important. Since Wheat Ridge was happy with the quality of their current camera and microphone setup, they were able to keep their costs down. CaseCracker is also compatible with large monitors to provide conference-style viewing so that groups can comfortably watch and discuss an interview that is in progress.

CaseCracker provided a cost-effective solution for Wheat Ridge Police Department to upgrade their current recording system for their interview room and polygraph room. CaseCracker provided the technology upgrade needed and was compatible with some of their current equipment.

"The Wheat Ridge Police Department Investigations Bureau has been extremely satisfied with our Cardinal Peak system. The setup time is minimal, both hardware and software have proven completely reliable and the features are quite easy to use. We have used the system extensively with no difficulties. We are very pleased with both the product and the service we have received."
– Sgt. JD Jepkema, Wheat Ridge Police Department, Colorado

"CaseCracker is a tool for us to determine the quality of our interviews. It helps us evaluate our detectives and refine our techniques. Tweaking our techniques in routine interviews prepares us for homicide cases."

Captain Bob DeMoura, Lowell PD, Massachusetts

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