The CaseCracker Interview Management System is easy to use and offers features to meet your digital evidence requirements.


  • Initiate recording by clicking the record button
  • Records 30 frames per second
  • Records two interview rooms simultaneously (select models)


  • Quickly search through a large number of sessions
  • Use flags and notes to jump to key points in an interview
  • Manually delete sessions or schedule automatic deletion


  • Capture two camera views for each interview room
  • Swap camera views during recording
  • Resolution settings up to 640 x 480


  • Audio sampling at 16 kHz, 16 bits per sample
  • Mono or stereo


  • Date, time, and frame number shown on all exported media
  • Export user-defined clips or entire session to DVD for playback on consumer DVD players. Long sessions can be automatically burned to multiple DVDs.
  • MPEG-4 video/audio files: Export user-defined clips or entire session for playback using VLC or Quicktime
  • Audio files: Export user-defined clips or entire session for transcription (WAV format)
  • Still Images: Export individual frames for review (JPEG and BMP formats)
  • Export annotations and flags (CSV format)
  • MPEG-4/.mp4, WAV, JPEG, BMP, and CSV formats can be exported to data CD, data DVD, USB device, network server share/NAS, FPTP server, or email.
  • Burn archival DVD

"We never expected to find something as simple to use as CaseCracker. We use it constantly."

Detective Larry Crapo, Brookline PD, Massachusetts

(303) 665-3962